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The latest state of art equipments for various investigative procedures has been imported and highly specialized tests are available which equal international standards.

To name a few
Computerised Electronystagmography (ENG)
Used for the evaluation of dizziness and to determine the site of lesion causing vertigo. The test also helps us to distinguish between peripheral and central causes of vertigo. The caloric test with the help of ENG provides valuable information about the status of the labyrinths

Brain stem evoked response audiometry (BERA)
Both screening and diagnostic versions are available which can we used as an infant hearing screening for programs like early detection and intervention, when hearing impairment is suspected the diagnostic version can be used to determine whether the pathology is cochlear or retro cochlear. Acoustic neuromas are also detected at the earliest. This is a useful objective procedure while testing young infants and difficult to test individuals
Middle Latency Response (MLR)
Late Latency Response (LLR)
Mis Matched Negativity (MMN)
Electrocochleography (EcoogG)
Otoacoustic emissions (OAE)

One of the newer investigations have proved to be valuable in diagnosing Meniere's disease and various conditions of endolymphatic hydrops

This provides both as a screening and diagnostic tool to identified and detect Cases of hearing impairment at the earliest. The entire status of the cochlear and the lesions occurring are identifiable

This forms a common and regular test in our Audiological test battery armament. This test are done on a routine bases

Sound proof booth
A sound proof booth pertaining to international standards with the latest pure tone Audiometer and impedence audiometer etc., are available for the hearing impaired patients. Hi Pro for fitting hearing aids along with all the brands of hearing aids are possible for these patients.

Cochlear implant programme
The center is actively involved with the cochlear implant programme for the profoundly deaf children and we have attachments to various other implant centers in India like Chennai, Bangalore and Jaipur.

Procedures and protocol for detecting Central Auditory Processing disorders (CAPD) are available and at present we are the only center that is able to identify and manage these patients. In the past this group of patients were branded as dyslexic and aphasic and our specialized team is able to identify these CAPD patients offering them interventional therapy which in the past lay neglected.

Vertigo Clinic
A vertigo clinic is being efficiently run since they form a majority of the patients attending our center there are three convincing arguments why it is important to learn about the management of vertigo.

:: After headache, it is the second most common compliant of patients, not only in neurology and ENT departments.

:: Most syndromes of vertigo can be correctly diagnosed only by means of a careful medical history and physical examination of the patient along with specialized equipment to confirm the diagnosis.

:: The majority of these cases have a benign cause, take a favourable natural course, and respond positively to therapy.

Vertigo and dizziness are not disease entities, but rather unspecific syndromes consisting of various disorders with different causes. For this reason, our clinically oriented center is for physicians of different specializations who treat patients with vertigo and for medical students.

A parallel tinnitus retraining programme is being run for those patients suffering from this intractable symptom. Tinnitus maskers along with directive counseling and drug therapy are instituted for most of the patients. We are happy with our results which help people to lead a trouble free tinnitus life.

In a nutshell we are privileged and proud to announce that all disorders of Hearing Speech and Balance are taken care of under a single roof.

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